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How much does that free mortgage loan software cost?

Posted by Frank Bocchino on Fri, Sep 13, 2013

Our loan origination software competitors offer good products -- though we think ours is better. But we encourage you to shop around and get the best fit for your company. It's called freedom of choice. But what about freedom of cost?

Some of those same competitors are practically giving their product away -- or so it seems. We did the math. By the time you factor in all the hidden fees, charges, training costs, support costs, that free software isn't so free anymore. And when do those charges begin? When you can't break the contract,that's when.

At OpenClose, we believe in the freedom of cost. That means a fixed price that doesn't change. No hidden charges, no surprises, no nickel and "diming" which can add up to thousands.  Just a straightforward price.

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LOS Website
LOS Website

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