Mortgage Loan Origination Software (LOS)

Mortgage Banking COVID-19 Strategy: Is the Best Direction with Our Heads in the Clouds?

Who are the Top Mortgage Employers for 2020?

Using Digital to Improve the Customer Journey

Digital Mortgage: New Buzzword, Not New to Us

Loan Origination Software: Are You Suffering from "Mergerphobia"?

OpenClose Receives Highest Overall Satisfaction and Lender Loyalty Score™

Who will be at ACUMA 2018?

RFPs for an LOS are Dead? So says one expert

OpenClose Launches DecisionAssist Mobile for Originators

Was there (Another) LOS merger?

Your LOS Database Structure is Killing Productivity.

Making the digital home loan mortgage easier?

Need multichannel lending software?

Stability with Your LOS Vendor is Business Critical.Don’t Fall Prey to Instability

FinTech Providers: Which Loan Origination Software Vendors are Growing? 

Credit Unions Successfully Leveraging OpenClose LenderAssist™ LOS

All is Well at OpenClose!

OpenClose provides web-based software solutions requiring no installs

Arch MI and OpenClose Announce New Integration

National Mortgage Professional Magazine Names OpenClose President JP Kelly to Annual ‘Top 50 Most Connected Mortgage Professionals’ List

OpenClose Launches Corporate Website to Reflect New Positioning of its Enterprise-class, Multi-channel LOS and Mortgage Software Solutions

QuestSoft and OpenClose to Hold Webinar on the New CFPB HMDA Rules

New LOS Integration To Optimize Loan Hedge Positions For Lenders

OpenClose and MCT Complete New Integration to Optimize Loan Hedge Positions for Lenders

OpenClose President JP Kelly Named to HousingWire’s 2016 Vanguard Award List

OpenClose Releases New Mobile and Online Tools for Borrowers with Enhancements to its ConsumerAssist Solution

Colony American Finance Now Using OpenClose’s LOS

OpenClose Case Study: Sabadell United Bank

Weekly Mortgage Market Index Drops, Refis Most

Study: Lower Origination Volume Leads to Revenue Slump. Answer? Here's How to Bounce Back

OpenClose and MCT Streamline the Loan Sale and Purchase Advice Process for Secondary Marketing Departments

Michael Falce Joins OpenClose as VP, Enterprise Account Executive

Report: 75% of lenders not satisfied with LOS value

Best Correspondent Lender Secret?

Can Hedge Funds Give Mortgage Loans?

Mortgage Origination Made Easy for Hedge Funds

Automating Loan Compensation for Mortgage Lenders

Survey: "Dramatic shift in lenders' goals for acquiring new technology"

OpenClose a hit at MBA Annual 2015 in San Diego

End Lending Ups & Downs with Loan Origination Software

Integrated Mortgage Lending: Loan Origination Software that Works

Not So Fast, Correspondent Lenders!

Mortgage Banks: The Problems of Expanding

OpenClose Releases Version 4.0 of its OC Optics ™ Web-based Enterprise Analytics and Reporting Module

The best loan origination software is just an eBook a way

OpenClose Named One of the Top 50 Mortgage Companies in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine

Why Browser-based Loan Origination Software for Mortgage Lending?

Pacific Union Financial Signs with OpenClose to Automate its Wholesale Lending Channel

Loan origination software: When they're ready for mortgages, will your LOS?

Why Fewer Loan Applications Means Time for New Loan Origination Software

OpenClose Reports Banner Year, Adds Staff to Handle Increasing Demand for its End-to-End LOS Platform and Correspondent and Wholesale Solutions (Clone)

OpenClose Reports Banner Year, Adds Staff to Handle Increasing Demand for its End-to-End LOS Platform and Correspondent and Wholesale Solutions

MBA Taps Level1Analytics for Educational Software

The Sky's Not Falling. Your Mortgage Lending Profits Are.

Citigroup Courting Correspondent Lenders: Are You On Board?

Is Your Web-Based Loan Origination System Truly SaaS? Part 3

Is Your Web-Based Loan Origination System Truly SaaS? Part 2

Is Your Web-Based Loan Origination System Truly SaaS? Part 1

Apple Co-founder, OpenClose Co-founder Discuss Mortgage Software

Podcast: DocMagic and OpenClose Mortgage Software Integration

DocMagic and OpenClose Complete LOS Integration

OpenClose Expands Functionality to Better Serve CFPB Mandates

Mortgage Loan Origination Software Search

Is Loan Origination Software on Your Resolution List?

IDS Integrates Mortgage Closing Docs, Compliance Software with OpenClose LOS

Mortgage banking software: competitive advantage or disadvantage

Your Loan Software Should Be Easy to Use. This Easy.

Whitepaper: Correspondent Banker Best Practices

How much does that free mortgage loan software cost?

LenderAssist™ loan origination software

Who's leading the LOS charge, coach?

Residential Mortgage Lenders: Can this really be called a choice?

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Report Card: Part 3

Band aids won’t help that Loan Origination Software (LOS)

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Report Card: Part 2

Get the Correspondent Lender's Best Practices

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Report Card: Part 1

Does Your Loan Origination Software Like You?

We love mortgages. Do you?

Mortgage software from a giant or a friend?

Are you sure that Mortgage Software is the right fit?

OC Optics: mortgage loan reporting and analytics

Update your mortgage website or replace it?

Is your current mortgage software ready for your company’s future?

Get Ready Mortgage Lenders: The NAHB housing index soared

Your business is transparent. Is your loan origination software?

The Easiest Way for Your Correspondents to Deliver Loans to You

Your Passport into Correspondent Lending

Mortgage software and LOS: A joint venture with customers

Does your mortgage software LOS vendor stay nimble?

Mortgage Technology Magazine awards OpenClose a Top Service Provider

Mortgage software: The best value proposition through SaaS

OpenClose: First Quarter right on track

MBA Technology Conference: Sunny Concerns

Does Your LOS Have Advanced Analytics?

Margins Squeezed by loan origination software vendor?

You inherited that loan origination software?

Loan Origination: Is it tomorrow ready?

Mortgage Round Up from OpenClose mortgage software

Point A to B in a Loan Origination System

Mortgage Banking Software: Only two choices

Band aids won’t help that Loan Origination Software

8 Change Points a Mortgage Lender Needs to Consider

Mortgage Software: Switching Gears Affects Work

OpenClose Mortgage Software Names Bill Mitchell as Vice President of Business Development

Texas Mortgage Bankers Association Announces 2013 Southern Secondary Market Conference

One last Holiday gift: residential mortgage software

Mortgage Round Up from OpenClose mortgage loan origination software

Mortgage Banking Software Made Easy

A Mortgage Software Company is changing pricing procedures...

Mortgage Round Up from OpenClose mortgage banking software

Mortgage Round Up from OpenClose mortgage software

Mortgage Banking Software Made Easy.

Mortgage Round Up from OpenClose mortgage lending software

Time to elect...a mortgage loan origination software

Mortgage software companies: OpenClose

Where'd I put those documents? Mortgage Software to the Rescue

Mortgage Round Up from OpenClose mortgage loan origination software

Mortgage Banking Round Up from OpenClose loan software

Off-the-rack mortgage loan origination software is too confining.

Mortgage Banking Round Up

Mortgage Software: Will it change you or will you change it?

New Mortgage Software Enterprise Reporting Module

Mortgage servicing improvement deadline today

Mortgages Driving the Bigger Banks

Loan Origination system: mitigating the reality of risk

Ask your mortgage software company:"who would hate your product?”

Fannie Mae changed guidelines -- did your loan software?

Mortgage lending software: Avoid making this common mistake.

It's loan software: not rocket science

Mortgage loan origination software: e-disclosures are safer

Loan Software: When does an app become a "real" app?

Mortgage lending software: Ask the Tough Questions

Website design: Change your Website from evil to good

Mortgage Technology Awards OpenClose as Top 50 Service Provider

Social media for lenders: Tip 1 - Forget what you've learned

Bank loan software: Beginning the search

Learn more about Mortgage lending software

Study: Banks lagging in social media

It's loan management software -- not rocket science

Mortgage Software: Choosing the best mortgage banking solution

Someone's About to Ruin Your Company's Social Media Campaign:You

Why does Loan Management Software require so much management?

Loan Pricing Engine: Does your PPE add up?

Don't Trash Your Mortgage Website!

Loan Software: Is yours integrated or sewn together?

Puzzled by Mortgage Banking Software?

Residential Lending Software should be easy

Loan Origination System: Simplify --not slow down --the process

Beware the Loan Origination Software "Toll Booth"

A New Breed of Custom Websites and loan broker software

2 Free Tips for Finding the Right Web based loan software

Social Media Monitoring: What are you NOT listening for?

The most successful social media contests

Mortgage Market Heating Up

Facebook's Timeline Changes Announced

Social Lending Arrives

Mortgage Websites

Web-based, online Loan Origination Software

Mortgage Pricing Engine: How often are they updated?

Custom Mortgage Websites

Is it finally time to start that corporate blog?

Social Media

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